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Patient Story helps those who suffer from CKD or Acute Kidney Disease find the direction of treatment and prospect of life through real stories of personal experiences. read more

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Here is a list of questions that kidney disease patients concern most. Read them to know more information about Kidney hospital China. read more

kidney hospital patient story

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Different from the traditional Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovation to treat kidney disease in the external area of kidney lesions. read more

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Here is a list of questions that kidney disease patients concern most. Read them to know more information about Kidney hospital China. Also, don’t hesitate to tell our Live Doctor your doubts, and we are willing to answer all your questions.

What should I prepare for my appointment at Kidney Hospital China?

Please bring a list of any medicine or herbal remedy you are currently taking. You are suggested to take your current medicines for about one week at least. If you are under the age of 18, you are suggested to come together with a parent or official guardian in case permission is required.

What sort of steps are involved before arriving for the treatment from the time I started the inquire?

- The patient or family makes an enquiry.

- Our consultant will ask the patients or family member to fill in a medical information form as registration.

- Our kidney disease experts will carefully review the medical condition of the patient, confirm whether it is treatable and recommend a treatment scheme.

- Our consultant will promptly reply to the patients' inquiry, explain the treatment plan, and explain why we believe that this plan is the best course of treatment.

- When the patient decides to commit, the patient service staff helps the patient arrange their visa application and method of payment.

- The patient and family member arranges the most convenient flight for them, and tells our patient service their flight number, arrival time and date of arrival.

- Patient service staff arranges airport pick up service and help with hospital admission.

What does the total expenses will include?

- The medical treatment for the patient's specific disease, nursing, drugs, one-time uses materials etc.

- All routine check-up & tests: ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, blood routine, liver function and renal function tests, immune tests etc administered by our medical staff.

- Transportation to and from the airport.

- Hospital meals (or you can cook by your self in your private kitchen--free).

- Visa extension assisting services.

Is there someone who can help me during my stay?

Our staff understands the cultural and language needs of international patients and offers a variety of services to meet those diverse needs. Via email and phone, we can help you arrange everything before you come and during your stay.

Pre-arrival preparations- Before you arrive, we will discuss with you which personal items and medical records you will need to bring and any necessary pre-arrival financial arrangements. We would be happy to assist you with any other concerns you might have regarding transportation, food, the weather, or any other special needs.

Assistance at the airport- The patient service staff will meet you at the airport when you arrive in China and bring you to our center. Upon your arrival, we will help you complete the admission process, fill out the registration forms, and help you adjust to your new surroundings. When you depart China to return home, our patient service staff will escort you to the airport and assist you with customs check-in.

Language Services- We know that getting around China can be tough without the ability to speak Chinese. However, our patient service staff can provide language assistance in English.

Visa Extension- Occasionally, a patient's treatment cycle will take longer than the time given on the patient's travel visa. In these cases, our patient service staff can help you to extend your stay.

How to get here?

It depends on where you are. We recommend you to book airline ticket to
▪ Beijing Capital International Airport
▪ Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and then transfer to Shijiazhuang International Airport.
After you arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport, take taxi or bus to Beijing West Railway Station; after getting there, we will be here to catch you.

Are there any supermarkets nearby?

A small convenience store locates in hospital. You can buy some daily necessities over there. Moreover, a plaza similar to Wal-mart and Carrefour situates nearby. It is pretty convenient for shopping.

What about my lodging?

Family-form wards are available, usually two caregivers are allowed in one ward. What's more, chain hotels around here are also available, such as Home Inns, 7 Days Inn, to name a few. Those hotels aforementioned are two of the biggest chain hotels across the country.

How's the weather in hospital location city?

Most hospitals which work with us lies in temperate zone, north China. Average summer temperature highs of more than 87°F (30°C) while average winter temperature of 33°F (1°C), so please be prepared, taking right clothing as well as comfortable shoes with you. No hurricane over there, so no need to worry severe weather like that.

Are there any banks where I can exchange or withdraw my money?

Neighbor banks include: Bank of China, HSBS, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), ABC (Agricultural Bank of China), CBC (China Construction Bank), PSBC (Postal Savings Bank of China), to name a few. Exchange your money in Bank of China or withdraw them from any of the banks aforementioned.

About the dining and nutrition services?

For family members: the family-form ward allows the patient live with their family members; meanwhile, Kitchenette is available in every single ward, so your family can cook as they want. If they are big fan of Chinese food, of course they can visit our own canteen for dinner.

But as for the patients, there are some restrictions. Doctor and registered dietitians will help the patients get enough nutrition and minimize side-effects by diet.

I can't speak Chinese, how to deal with the language problem?

We provide interpretation services in order to break the language barrier. Besides, we provide one-to-one support, whatever you do or wherever you go, your own interpreter will accompany with you.

Is there wireless network so that I can surf the Internet or send E-mails?

Free wireless network provided in every patient's room. Bring your own laptop because computers aren't available in the hospital. Other services include: printer, fax machine and copier etc.

Laundry facility in the hospital?

We provide washer-dryer facilities in every single ward. Laundry soap can be purchased in the convenience store in building A, floor one. FYI, the dryer cleaner outside the hospital charges varying from 15 to 50 RMB, if you want to do the laundry in there.

Is there a television or something that I can entertain myself?

The hospital provides informational and entertainment television programming. It offers popular news, current sports and entertainment channels. All the channels are free of charge.

What are the visitation policies that I should know?

Different from other hospitals, there's no limitation of visiting hours here. We provide 24 hour service per day, which explains why you can visit whenever you want.

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