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When the immunity is decreased, virus and toxins will be easy to attack. If they enter the kidneys, various kidney problems will happen. Immunotherapy is the best to treat the kidney diseases related to immune disorder.

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is systematic combination of medicable ingredients of herbal and western medication as well as modern means of blood purification, which is applied to recover and renovate renal structures and functions from damaged immune system so as to remedy CKD from the root causes timely and effectively.

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What is the relationship between immune system and Kidney Disease?

Immune response is ongoing self protective response of human body which is able to maintain own integrity and survival. In most cases, such immune response is normal and essential, which, however, turns out to be abnormal reaction in rare cases when immunodeficiency or autoimmune disease exist, thus further leading to Kidney Disease. Immunotherapy is then recommended to treat immune system through six processes in order to treat CKD fundamentally.

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What are the processes of Immunotherapy?

Immune diagnosis:

Diseased condition is different from individuals attributes to varying level, amount and position of antibody. Immune diagnosis is able to ensure the causes, regions and degrees of Kidney Disease, thus treating it specifically.

Immune clearance:

Advanced methods of blood purification is used discriminatively according to personalized condition of patients in order to eliminate blood stasis of varying type and molecule, which includes wastes, toxins and other metabolite of human body, thus offering a better internal environment for follow-up processes.

Immune interruption:

The key point is to block immune reaction through scientific use of immunosuppressive agent. The medicine, dose and duration will be very exact according to scientific diagnosis of immune condition.

Immune tolerance:

As the disease often relapses, we have to assess diseased condition before further deterioration. Giving small dose of immunosuppressants regularly can prevent the relapse of the disease. This is to let our body accept the fact that there is immune complex and the antibodies will stop attacking them temporarily.

Immune regulation:

Immune complex cannot deposit in body chronically which can be eliminated by Chinese herbal medicines through degradation and blood circulation. Patients in this period are expected to see floccule in urine after 7 days of the treatment. Meanwhile, oral taking medicines are used to enhance immunity and nourish blood and Qi as well.

Immune protection:

Glucocorticoid and oral taking Chinese medicine are applied to protect and regenerate the structures and functions of nephron so as to remedy damaged and remaining intrinsic renal cells. Active ingredients in micro-Chinese medicine can regulate the immune system and recover the self renewal of the body.

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What are the features of Immunotherapy?

Block or slow down the progression towards further deterioration.

Ease clinical features and treat Kidney Disease from root cause.

Promote natural ability of human body to repair or replace cells that have been damaged by hypersensitivity.

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