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Kidney Hospital China is known nationally and internationally for helping establish the standard for excellence in kidney disease treatment read more

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Patient Story helps those who suffer from CKD or Acute Kidney Disease find the direction of treatment and prospect of life through real stories of personal experiences. read more

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Here is a list of questions that kidney disease patients concern most. Read them to know more information about Kidney hospital China. read more

kidney hospital patient story

Have you found the right physician for you? Our physicians put patients first through teamwork, clinical excellence and compassionate care read more

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Kidney diseases whatever the causes can gradually affect patients' daily life. Now follow us to learn the detailed information about your kidney disease and find the most proper treatment for you. read more

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Different from the traditional Chinese medicine, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovation to treat kidney disease in the external area of kidney lesions. read more

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The polluted blood flowed in patients' body is the primary cause of kidney more

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Plan a Visit

plan a visit

Do you feel overwhelmed for your first visit? Don't worry, we have received more than 800 international patients, so we have plenty of experience in arranging your visit or stay in China. The follow-up content will help you plan your visit and ask for our help.

Step 1. Learn About Us

This website is designed to offer information to international kidney disease patients who seeks for doctors, treatments, patients stories and basic kidney disease and conditions knowledge.

Kidney Disease is a very complex disease which sometimes may involve a whole family. If you cannot find a better treatment in your country, we hope the information we provide about Chinese medicines, doctors, hospitals may help. In addition, the treatments we recommend not only involve in Chinese medicine, leading western medicines will make the traditional Chinese medicine more effective in dealing with most chronic kidney diseases.

Find out who we are, where we are, what we can do for you at through our websites.

Step 2. Select a doctor or ask advice from us

The next step for you is to select a doctor. We work with hundreds of kidney disease experts at home and abroad. You can choose the right doctor by name or by specialty. The page of find a doctor may helps you to make a better decision. You contact us directly by email or by phone.

If you need help selecting a doctor or you prefer to choose treatment firstly, you can leave us a message, send an email or fill the page of "contact us". This will helps know more about your need and give you a more helpful feedback. Usually, you will receive a respond within two business days.

And we will help to make an analysis about the proper treatment or recommend a right doctor for you based on your condition. Sometimes we will schedule a phone conversation with you or your local physician.

Step 3. Request an Appointment

If you decide to make a visit, appointment form will be useful. The appointment aims at contacting you by phone within two business days to review your medical and financial information. If you prefer, you may select a date and ask us to recommend a doctor. We will process your request and confirm your appointment by email.

Step 4. Arrange your Travel

Before your travels begins, let us helps make the arranges here in China. We will book the patient room, hotels and offer pick-up service after your arrival. You can find more information about your stay and visit information in the page of "plan a visit". Enjoy your travel!

Your first appointment:

Congratulations! You've decide go to China for world-class kidney disease treatment, with the help of our center. Our expert assistant will schedule your first appointment after reviewing your medical information. After your appointment has been confirmed, you should begin making your travel plans and gathering the information you'll need for you first appointment.

Step 1. Plan Your Travel

According your schedule arrangement, you can book tickets of train or plane for you and your caregivers. According to your requirement, we can send a car to pick you and your accompany family members in Airport. Together, we come back to the hospital. We have specialized translator for your better communication with our staff.

Step 2. Prepare For Your Visit

Get ready for your oversea medical travel. We recommend dressing in comfortable clothes and footware. You can prepare your clothes based on the changes of weather. January averages −2.3 °C (27.9 °F), while July averages 26.8 °C (80.2 °F); the annual mean is 13.4 °C (56.1 °F).

Step 3. Navigating the hospital

The hospital may be large, but it has everything you need to feel at home. The expert assistant can provide directions to your first appointment, or find them here. All the wards are smoke-free.

What to bring:

You are suggested to bring a few personal belongs to have during your hospital stay in China. The belongs may include toiletries, toothbrush, comb, sleep wear and other necessary goods you need in daily life or you may also buy some in markets nearby the hospital. A interpreter will company with you when you go outside the hospital.

You had better leave the following at home: large sums of money, credit cards and jewelry. If you choose to bring any of these items, we request that they be secured in the hospital's safe.

Please take the medicines you are taking currently. You may need to continue take them in the first seven days. It will be great, if you can bring a list of your current medications. This will be very helpful for your following treatment plan.

In addition, you are suggested to bring all medical reports in your hand. If you are unable to bring them, you can upload or send the copies to us. We will assist to keep them before your arrival.


With pick-up service, you will get the hospital direct

Have any questions? Please leave your question or comment below, we will try to attend you shortly (Within 24 hours). Please remember to leave your Full name, E-mail ID, Phone NO. and illness description so that our doctor give the correspending help! Free medical answers from professionals!

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