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Lymphocyte Subpopulation Tests

Lymphocyte Subpopulation TestsLymphocyte Subpopulation plays an important role in monitoring a person's immune system condition, cellular immunity and humoral immunity.

1. What is lymphocyte subpopulation?

- CD4: CD4 cells are sometimes called T-cells, which are "helper" cells and lead the attack against infections.

- CD8: CD8 are "suppressor" cells that end the immune response. CD8 cells can also be "killer" cells that kill cancer cells and cells infected with a virus.

- B cells. B cells can differentiate into plasmocyte and helps T cells participating in immune response.

- NK cells. NK cells play a major role in the host-rejection of both tumours and virally infected cells. It helps monitor the early infection stage.

- CD4/CD8. It monitors cellar immune function. If it rises, your cellar immune response is overactive; otherwise, it is over passive.

- Cyclosporine Blood Concentration Prediction. It is important in guiding drug use safety. < 200ug/L: insufficient dose; >400ug/L: overdose, this usually leads to side effects.

- Antigen. It figures out the food antigens and helps diagnose allergic disease in particular.

2. Why choose Lymphocyte Subpopulation Tests?

Lymphocyte Subpopulation tests offer the immune conditions of your body, which predicts your disease development. Doctor use Lymphocyte Subpopulation test:

● help monitor the effectiveness of kidney disease treatment you are taking

● monitor your immune system and help you decide whether, when, how to start immune treatment and other therapies to prevent infections.

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